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Bikes & Parts - Orro Pyro 105

In a nutshell:

This is what we'd call a performance/sportive bike - which means it's more comfortable than an out-and-out speed machine, but it still performs admirably.

Who's it for:

Anyone who wants a light, fast bike that's good for riding all day long.


Prices for the Orro Pyro range from £1,299 to £1,350 depending on the brakes you opt for.

This price includes a comprehensive bike fitting, and your new bike's first service and our Rider Care package.*

Available Versions:

These are two brake system/wheel combinations available. Contact us to talk over which version will be best for you and your riding.

  • Shimano 105/Caliper Brakes/Fulcrum Racing Sport Wheels (£1,299)
  • Shimano 105/Disc Brakes/Fulcrum Racing Sport Disc Wheels (£1,350)

The underlying approach:

This is a supremely light frame with impressively taut oversized chain stays and BB30 bottom bracket. In practice, that means your efforts are transmitted to the road efficiently. The result is you go forwards with less effort.

Crucially, that speed is married to good handling - a longer wheel base means you have a stable ride - ideal for descents in particular but a factor in the overall comfort of the ride too.

Photo gallery:

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Technical background:

Riding harder for longer can easily cause fatigue. With the Orro Pyro they've employed a proprietary blend of 20, 40 and 60 Ton carbon fibres to give you a well-thought out overall approach.

The 20T carbon fibre is used in areas of the bike where comfort and flexibility are key, including the seat-stays and seat tube. This means more high frequency road vibrations are absorbed before they reach you. The result is a more comfortable ride - and comfort counts for speed too.

In other areas of a frame, stiffness is key to transferring the forces created by rider to the road effectively. The Pyro uses 40T and 60T carbon fibres to add stiffness in areas such as the head tube to ensure responsive handling, and to the down-tube, bottom bracket and chain stays to transmit your power without loss to the road.

Overall, the Pyro's geometry has been specifically designed to provide all day performance with best-in-class stability, comfort and agility.

Setting up:

Don't forget that when you buy a new bike from us, the price includes:

  • a full bike fitting.
  • taking that bike fitting information, then changing the handlebars, stem and crank arms as necessary, to ensure you are comfortable on the bike - and safe too.
  • and as well as the right size, we also include a saddle fitting - that has to right for you too!

Equipment and options:

We sell the Pyro either with standard road calliper brakes or disc brakes. The disc brake version will give you the added stopping power needed for wet weather conditions.

  • The frame and forks are carbon.
  • It's equipped with the Shimano 105 group set - 50/34 chain rings and the cassette is with 12-25 sprocket sizes.
  • The Fulcrum Racing Sport Wheels are a good, strong pair of hoops, matched well to Continental Ultra Sport 25mm tyres front and back.
  • The seat post is a Stylus Pro.
  • The handlebar stem is 3T ARX II Pro.

The saddle, handlebars and brakes are varied according to your requirements.

What's included:

* What's more, the price includes:

  • A comprehensive bike fitting and set up (as detailed above).
  • Bike parts modifications (as detailed above).
  • Your new bike's first service - typically after six weeks.


  • And last but not least, this bike comes with our 'Rider Care' package. We will work with you to help you choose the parts and accessories you personally need to get the best out of riding your bike, with a value of 10% of the price.